👩‍🏫 Our Teachers
Tracey Poulton - Owner / Nursery Assistant
Tracey is the owner of Pear Tree Farm and is Level 3 qualified. Her motivation with setting up the nursery was seeing the staggering statistics about the decline in children being outside and the direct correlation in the increase in mental health with young children. She is the driving force for delivering a unique experience and is committed to developing a centre of excellence to pioneer a new way of thinking and learning for children and young people, that's why she calls all our venturers 'our little pioneers!'

Frannie Blunden

Frannie has her Early Years Teacher Status, a BA in Early Childhood Studies and specialises in the Early Years. She has been working in Early Years settings for over 20 years. She has a passion for outdoor learning and understands the learning that comes from child-led play.

Vic Hourihan

Victoria is Level 3 qualified. She loves nothing more then being outside, rain or shine, and being able to support children to learn about the world around us.

Natasha Keyes

Natasha is Level 3 qualified in Early Years and Level 2 Forest School qualified. She has boundless energy and loves showing the children what an amazing classroom the outdoors is

Marina Polito

Marina Polito
Marina has worked with children for over 9 years, her enthusiasm for life and the world around her will almost certainly rub off on the children.

Lindsey Weston

Lindsey's caring nature, her love of the outdoor environment and enthusiasm and creativity will inspire the children to use their imaginations while exploring the farm and its surroundings.
Francesca is our highly efficient head of administration, the machine behind Natural Nurture Nursery. Any questions, Francesca is the “go to”.
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